I was fortunate to grow up in  Hawaii in the 50's when it was still a territory. As an adult I've been blessed to live in many beautiful areas of our country, but there is nothing, for me, as wonderful as the beaches on Oahu.

Years ago I was  given two shoe boxes filled with tiny seed beads, that were hundreds of years old, by a  Lakota woman from Pierre, South Dakota.   I knew I would learn to work with them the minute I opened the boxes.     In 1984 I returned to Pacific Grove, California and started the first bead store in the area.  

Beads led me to metalsmithing and I attended Revere Academy of  Jewelry Arts for two years.  I had the good fortune to be taught by  some of the best artists in this field.  I sold the store in 1990 and started designing and fabricating  jewelry under the name of Stuff I Like. 

I work with the highest quality  gemstones, glass beads and the finest crystals in the world that have been made for over 100 years.  I love combining  them with metals. Sometimes  I use the vintage beads and crystals that I saved from my store. 

The crystal pendulums can be purchased from my Etsy store. Here is the link.